Spindrift Consulting is owned by Jody Slater, a qualified urban designer, planner and lifelong sailor and utility cycling enthusiast. Spindrift allows her to combine her passion for urban design, people focused projects and creating functional places with her love of travel, the marine environment and cycling.

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Jody Slater

'Having spent eight years working in commercial urban design practise for Halcrow and Savills, I've been providing urban design and planning services to a range of clients both in the UK and internationally since 2010, I do a range of general practise work, with a specialism in marine projects where developers need to understand the design challenges and user aspirations of this unique environment. I am never happier than when tramping round boatyards and mooching along coastlines, ideally on a bike. I have a great network of contacts within marine user groups and marine development industry professionals, ensuring that if I don't know the answer – I’ll find someone who does.

Clients include the public and private sector, individual developers, national park authorities, major house builders, regeneration vehicles and individual land owners. Anyone who has sat in a stakeholder workshop session with me will know that I try to help my clients see their project from many different perspectives, and I’m all about getting everyone pulling in the same direction, and identifying and managing progress towards a practical solution. I am often the person clients call when they need someone to hit the ground running in a difficult situation and not stop until the job is done. As a very wise client once said - 'you can usually tell if someone can technically do the job from their CV, what you can't tell is if you'll want to kill them by the end of the first week' - my clients regularly invite me back!'

Jody can usually be spotted riding her bike (with increasing amounts of stuff and small people attached to it) to her office in Hamble, hiding Birkenstocks under her desk, drinking way too much coffee, and keeping an eye on the wind/tide forecast (because everyone should learn to windsurf when they turn 40!)


BA (Hons) - Urban Studies & Planning - University of Sheffield

Diploma - Town Planning - University of Sheffield

MSc - Urban Design - Edinburgh College of Art

Chartered Member - Royal Town Planning Institute

Recognised Practitioner - Urban Design Group